My name is Gianandrea Daverio, I was born in Vimercate, in the  hinterland of Milan, on October 26, 1975. I am married since 2010 with my wife Cristina, with whom live in Vimercate a few dozen meters from the house where I was born and lived.

Our Wedding Website [2010-09-04)

After a journey of a humanistic education at the Liceo Bartolomeo Zucchi of Monza, I embarked on the choice, certainly against the current, not to continue in academy and to join instead immediately the working enviroment.

I deal with cyber security since 1998 when I had the opportunity to approach the information security market, and particularly in the fields of encryption and strong authentication. In the following years, I have held a variety of roles, from sales and business development, to pre-sales and project management, from specialist advice on technical and organizational level, working for the most relevant system integration companies active in the cyber security field in the Italian market.

The design vision and high-level, customer-oriented consulting approach combined with a constant continuing education effort and research of the most 'emerging issues and the most innovative solutions in the cyber security field are certainly among the aspects that most often are the basis of proactive collaboration and mutual extimation built over time with the various stakeholders with whom I was to work, whether they are colleagues as well 'as customers, suppliers and partners.

Outside the professional sphere my main passion and 'certainly represented by cars and motorbikes, including "classic cars" (and in particular the Fiat Barchetta and Fiat Coupe models and that I keep in my private collection) and, more recently, I have re-discovered a passion for a the small motorbikes Malaguti Fifty (I have also some models in my private collection) as it has been the first motorbike has led me on the road when I was a teenager.